High Quality Food Grade Sweetener Sucralose Powder

Short Description:

Molecular formula: C12H19O8Cl3

Appearance: white powder

CNS: 19.016

INS: E955

CAS No. [56038-13-2]

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Sucralose is a new generation of non-nutritive, powerful sweet food additive that was successfully developed and put on the market in 1976 by Taylors. Sucralose is a white powdery product that is very soluble in water. The aqueous solution is clear and transparent, and its sweetness is 600 to 800 times that of sucrose.

Sucralose has the following advantages: 1. Sweet taste and good taste; 2. No calories, can be used by obese people, diabetics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients and the elderly; 3. Sweetness can reach 650 times of sucrose, use The cost is low, the application cost is 1/4 of sucrose; 4, it is a derivative of natural sucrose, which has high safety and gradually replaces other chemical sweeteners in the market, and is a very high-quality sweetener in the world. Based on these advantages, sucralose is a hot product in the research and development of food and products, and its market growth rate has reached an annual average of more than 60%.

At present, sucralose has been widely used in beverages, food, products, cosmetics and other industries. Since sucralose is a derivative of natural sucrose, it is non-nutritive and is an ideal sweet substitute for obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes patients. Therefore, its use in health foods and products continues to expand.

Currently, sucralose has been approved for use in more than 3,000 food, health care products, pharmaceuticals and daily chemical products in more than 120 countries.

Certificate Of Analysis

Items Specification Test Result
Appearance White or almost white crystalline powder Complies
Particle size 95% pass through 80 mesh Pass
Ident IR The IR absorption spectrum conform the reference spectrum Pass
Ident HPLC The retention time of the principal peak in the chromatogram of the Assay preparation corresponds to that in the chromatogram of the Standard preparation Pass
 Ident TLC The RF value of the principal spot in the chromatogram of the Test solution corresponds to that of Standard solution  Pass


Specific Rotation


Clarity of Solution --- Clear
PH (10% aqueous solution)






Not detected
Ignited Residue




Heavy metals




Not detected
Related substances                              (Other chlorinated disaccharides)


Hydrolysis products  Chlorinated  monosaccharides)


Triphenylphosphine oxide


Total aerobic count


Yeast & Mold


Salmonella Negative Negative
E. Coli Negative Negative
 Storage Condition:Store in well closed container, dry and cool place
 Shelf Life: 2 years while stored in original packing under above stated condition.
 Conclusion: The product complies with FCC12,  EP10, USP43, E955,GB25531 andGB4789 standards.

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