Natural Flavor Pure Ginger Root Extract Ginger Oil

Short Description:

【Material】 Ginger oil。

【Process characteristics】 Using high-quality ginger as raw material, after washing, slicing and drying, it is made into dried ginger, which is refined by steam distillation, separation and purification after crushing.

【Traits】 A pale yellow to yellow clear liquid with a characteristic aroma of ginger.

Product Detail

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Product Features

1) Ginger extract, steam distillation, no dissolving and no addition;

2) pure volatile oil, soluble in ethanol, completely miscible with vegetable oil;

3) Each gram of ginger oil has aroma and flavor equivalent to 650 grams of fresh ginger.


(1)Food ingredients;

(2)Health food ingredients;

(3)Savory ingredients;

(4)Aromatizer for daily chemical products。


【Dosage】 Add according to the characteristics of the production process. Reference dosage: salty flavor: 0.1%-0.3%; meat products: 0.01%-0.03%; instant noodles: 0.02%-0.03%; spicy food: 0.02%-0.05%.

【Package storage】 1Kg, 5Kg fluorinated barrel, 20Kg, 50Kg steel-plastic composite barrel. Store in a light-proof, closed container and store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. The shelf life is 18 months and the refrigerated storage is better.

【Executive standard】 GB 1886.29 Ginger oil.

Project Index
Refractive index (20°C) 1.550~1.590
Relative density (25°C/25°C) 1.050~1.120
Total arsenic (as As) / (mg/ kg) ≤3
Heavy metals (calculated as Pb)/ (mg/kg) ≤10
Gas chromatogram In line with the characteristic chromatogram of garlic oil

Quality Standard

Quality Standard  GB 30616 - 2014
 Items  Limit  Test Method
 Volatile oil content (ml/100g)  ≥ 20.0  LY/T 1652
 Relative Density (20°C/20°C)  1.025~ 1.045  GB/T 11540
 Refractive Index (20°C)  1.562 ~ 1.582  GB/T 14454.4
 Heavy Metal ( Pb) ( mg/kg)  ≤ 10.0  GB/T 5009.74
 Lead (mg/kg)  ≤ 3.0  GB/T 5009.76

Certificate Of Analysis

Quality Standard  GB 30616 - 2014
 Items  Limit  Test Method
 Gingerol content (%)  20±1  Enterprise Standard
 Volatile oil content (ml/100g)  ≥ 40.0  LY/T 1652
 Relative Density (20°C/20°C)  0.948 ~ 0.968  GB/T 11540
 Refractive Index (20°C)  1.493 ~ 1.513  GB/T 14454.4
 Heavy Metal ( Pb) ( mg/kg)  ≤ 10.0  GB/T 5009.74
 Lead (mg/kg)  ≤ 3.0  GB/T 5009.76

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