Wholesale Cholecalciferol vitamin d3 k2 5000iu CAS 67-97-0 powder

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Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, also known as a hormone precursor that acts on calcium and phosphorus metabolism. It is closely related to sunlight, so it is also called “sunshine vitamin”.Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is  mainly synthesized by the human body itself. The skin of the human body contains a kind of cholesterol, which becomes vitamin D3 after being exposed  to sunlight.Vitamin D3 is fat-soluble, insoluble in water, can only be dissolved  in fat or fat solvent, and can withstand high temperature and oxidation in neutral and alkaline solutions.

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1. Improve the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and make the level of plasma calcium and plasma phosphorus reach saturation.

2. Promote growth and bone calcification, and promote tooth health;

3. Increase the absorption of phosphorus through the intestinal wall and the reabsorption of phosphorus through the renal tubules;

4. Maintain the normal level of citrate in the blood;

5. Prevent amino acid loss through the kidney.

Certificate Of Analysis

Product Name vitamin  D3 powder Manufacture  Date 2022 . 12. 15
Specification USP 32 Monographs Certificate  Date 2022. 12. 16
Batch  Quantity 100kg Expiration  Date 2022.06.24
Storage  Condition Store in cool &  dry place,  Keep away from strong light and heat.
Item Specification Result Method
Appearance Light yellow to w h i t e  p o w d e r Light yellow to w h i t e

p o w d e r

Vitamin D3 (IU/g) ≥ 100 ,00IU/g 104000IU/g conform
Solubility Soluble in cold water Soluble in cold water conform
PH( 1%  solution) 6.6-7 .0 6.70 conform
Passing 20  mesh sieve 100% 100% conform
Passing 40  mesh sieve ≥ 85% 95% conform
Passing 100 mesh sieve ≤ 30% 11% conform
Loss on dry ≤ 5% 3 .2% conform
Heavy  Metal Less than (LT) 20 ppm Less than (LT) 20 ppm conform
Pb <2 .0ppm <2 .0ppm conform
As <2 .0ppm <2 .0ppm conform
Hg <2 .0ppm <2 .0ppm conform
Total  aerobic Bacteria  count < 10000cfu/g < 10000cfu/g conform
Total Yeast &  Mold < 1000cfu/g Conform conform
E. Coli Negative Negative conform

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