BIOF Supply 1000 000 IU/g vitamin A acetate oil

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Vitamin A acetate, also known as vitamin A acetate, vitamin A oil acetate.

Transparent, bright yellow to light red oil solution. Water-soluble. When placed at room temperature, crystals precipitate and are easy to oxidize  when exposed to acid, air and light. The product shall be stored below 20 ℃, and the original bottle can be stored for 12 months. If the original bottle has been opened for use, the remaining part shall be kept continuously.  It must be filled and sealed with inert gas, and stored below 20 ℃, otherwise  it must be used up immediately to prevent deterioration.

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1. It can maintain normal metabolism of human body,

2. It can maintain the stability and development of cell membrane

3. It can maintain the normal function of the reproductive system,

4. It can enhance the immune ability of cells.


Certificate of Analysis

Product Name Vitamin A Acetate oil Manufacture  Date 2022 . 12. 16
Specification XKDW0001S-2019 Certificate  Date 2022. 12. 17
Batch  Quantity 100kg Expiration  Date 2024. 12. 15
Storage  Condition Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat.
Item Specification Result
Appearance Pale yellow oily liquid,  frozen  after curing, no rancid flavor ,   almost odorless and has a weak fish Pale yellow oily liquid,  frozen after curing, no      rancid flavor ,  almost odorless and has a weak fish
Identification color


Positive Positive
Content ≥ 1000000IU/g 1018000IU/g
Absorption  coefficient  ratio ≥0.85 0 .85
Acid value ≤2.0 0. 17
Peroxide  value ≤7.5 1.6
Heavy  Metal Less than (LT) 20 ppm Less than (LT) 20 ppm
Pb <2.0ppm <2.0ppm
As <2.0ppm <2.0ppm
Hg <2.0ppm <2.0ppm
Total aerobic Bacteria count < 10000cfu/g < 10000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold < 1000cfu/g Conform
E. Coli Negative Negative

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