Top Quality Cosmetic Grade Vitamin A Retinol Powder

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Retinol is actually vitamin A, also known as retinol.

It is the earliest discovered vitamin. It is one of the necessary vitamins for human body. Retinol is an organic  compound, an active form of vitamin A, and a fat-soluble  vitamin important for vision and bone development。Soluble  in anhydrous ethanol, methanol, chloroform, ether, fat and oil, almost insoluble in water or glycerol. The sources of retinol include animal liver, whole milk and fortified food, and the human body can also convert part of it.

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1. For epithelial tissue: retinol or vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which plays an important role
in the function of human epithelial tissue, and has very important effects on epithelial tissue, cornea,
conjunctiva, and nasal mucosa;

2. Treatment of night blindness: retinol also plays a very important role in vision. If vitamin A is lacking,
night blindness may occur;

3. For tooth development: Vitamin A also plays a certain role in the growth and development of human teeth.

4. Beauty and skin care: it can promote the generation of collagen, fade the spots and acne marks, and
reduce the dry and fine lines of skin;

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