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Vitamin E is also known as vitamin E, tocopherol, or VE for short. VE cannot synthesize itself in the body, but it also participates in the normal metabolism of the body, so it must be supplemented in vitro. In western countries, taking natural VE has become a habit, known as the “fourth meal”. Vitamin E is the general name of a class of phenolic compounds with biological activity and similar chemical structure. Vitamin E is a kind of fat-soluble vitamin, which is a derivative of benzodihydropyranol in chemical structure. Its main structure is a hydroquinone group plus an isoprenoid side chain. The side chain is saturated fatty acid. Tocopherol mainly exists in corn oil, soybean oil and olive oil. Natural  vitamin E contains four molecular components, namely α- Tocopherol β- Tocopherol γ- Tocopherol  δ- Tocopherols, their biological activities are arranged in the following order α- Tocopherol> β- Tocopherol> γ- Tocopherol> δ- Tocopherol. Among them, α- Tocopherol has the highest activity, the widest distribution and the most representative, especially D – α- Tocopherol has the highest biological activity.

D-α Tocopherol 1000IU

D-α Tocopherol 1430IU

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1. Improve human reproductive capacity

2. Prevention of thrombus

3. Delay aging

4. Enhance human disease resistance

5. Sunscreen

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