Top Quality CAS 4345-03-3 D-alpha-Tocopherol succinate/Vitamin E succinate

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D- α Tocopherol succinate is a colorless to white crystalline powder.It is insoluble in water, soluble in chloroform, soluble in acetone, ethanol, ether and vegetable oil. It is odorless and tasteless- α

Tocopherol succinate is used as a nutritional supplement in various diets and has a wide range of uses in medicine, health care, food,  feed and cosmetics industries- α Tocopherol succinate has been widely used. The vitamin E used in almost all tablets and capsule  nutritional supplements are vitamin E succinate and calcium succinate, and the inhibition of vitamin E succinate on the growth of humancultured tumor cells is very obvious.

D-α Tocopherol succinate 1185IU

D-α Tocopherol succinate 1210IU

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D- α Tocopherol succinate can enhance immunity, assist in lowering blood fat, remove chloasma, relieve physical fatigue, resist oxidation,assist in improving memory, improve skin moisture, relieve constipation,relieve visual fatigue, improve hypoxia tolerance, have auxiliary protection function for chemical liver injury, increase bone density, have auxiliary protection function for radiation damage, assist in lowering blood sugar,improve nutritional anemia, improve sleep, lose weight, remove acne, improve growth and development, Assist in lowering blood pressure

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