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Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin, a derivative of naphthoquinone group with chlorophyloquinone biological activity, and is one of th indispensable and important vitamins in human body. Vitamin K2 (35) is vitamin K2 with 35 carbon elements on the terpene side chain; Vitamin K2 (35), also known as menadione – 7, is named after  seven isoprene side chains on its terpene side chain. Vitamin K2 is the only biologically active form of vitamin K, which is mainly used to accelerate blood coagulation, maintain blood coagulation time, and treat haemorrhage caused by vitamin K deficiency

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1. It can activate osteocalcin. The activated osteocalcin has a unique affinity for calcium ions,which can deposit calcium salts and promote bone mineralization.

2. It can treat and prevent osteoporosis, vitamin K2 generates bone protein, and then together with calcium to generate bone, increase bone density and prevent fracture.

3. It can prevent cirrhosis from progressing to liver cancer.

4. It can treat vitamin K2 deficiency hemorrhagic disease, promote the formation of prothrombin,accelerate blood coagulation, and maintain normal blood coagulation time.

5. It can diuretic, strengthen the detoxification function of liver, and reduce blood pressure.

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