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Short Description:

【Process characteristics】 Garlic is used as raw material, which is refined by washing, pulverizing, fermenting, steam distillation, separation, purification and filtration.

【Traits】 A yellow to orange-red clear liquid with a strong pungent odor typical of garlic.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features

1) Fresh garlic extract, steam distilled, natural, no dissolving and no added;

2)Pure volatile oil, pure garlic flavor, soluble in ethanol, completely miscible with vegetable oil;

3)The aroma and flavor of each gram of garlic oil is equivalent to 600 grams of fresh garlic.


(1)Food ingredients

(2)Health food raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials;

(3)a fragrant raw material of salty flavor;

(4)Foods such as cooked meat products, convenience foods, puffed foods, and baked goods are flavored.

Detailed Information

【Dosage】 Add according to the characteristics of the production process. Reference dosage: salty flavor: 0.1%-0.3%; meat products: 0.01%-0.03%; instant noodles: 0.02%-0.03%; spicy food: 0.02%-0.05%.

【Package storage】 1Kg, 5Kg fluorinated barrel, 20Kg, 50Kg steel-plastic composite barrel. Store in a light-proof, closed container and store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Shelf life is 18 months, better refrigerated storage.

【Executive standard】 GB 1886.272-2016 Garlic oil.

Project Index
Refractive index (20°C) 1.550~1.590
Relative density (25°C/25°C) 1.050~1.120
Total arsenic (as As) / (mg/ kg) ≤3
Heavy metals (calculated as Pb)/ (mg/kg) ≤10
Gas chromatogram In line with the characteristic chromatogram of garlic oil

Certificate Of Analysis

Name of Product Garlic Oil Mfg Date Nov 20th, 2022
Batch No. BIOF221120 Expiry Date Nov.19th 2024
Packing Plastic Drum Quantity 3000kgs



 Test Results


light yellow liquid

light yellow liquid

Garlic Oil Assay

≥98 %


Emulsifier ,%



Loss on Drying


Lead (Pb)



Arsenic Assay



CONCLUSION: Conform to the specification

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