Organic Hulled Hemp Seed Protein 60%

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Hemp Protein is also known as:

Cannabis sativa

Hemp protein comes from the cannabis plant and is an excellent source of plant-based protein.

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Hemp protein powder is an all-natural source of plant-based protein that is free from gluten and lactose, but rich in nutritional goodness. Organic hemp protein powder can be added to power drinks, smoothies or yogurt; sprinkled over a variety of foods, fruits or vegetables; used as a baking ingredient or added to nutrition bars for a healthy boost of protein.


Health Benefits

Lean Source of Protein

Hemp seed protien is lean source of plant-based protein, making them a great supplement to a plant-based diet.

Rich in Amino Acids

Hemp protein contain all of the amino acids needed to help repair muscle cells, regulate the nervous system, and regulate brain function.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

It’s a natural source of many important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. In particular, hemp products are good sources of iron, magnesium, and manganese.

Certificate Of Analysis

Parameter/unit Testing Result Specification Method
Organoleptic Date      
 Appearance/ Colour  conform Off-white/Light green

(milled pass through 100 mesh)




Odor conform characteristic Sensory
Flavour conform characteristic Sensory
Physical and Chemical
Protein (%)

“dry basis”

 60.58  ≥60  GB 5009.5-2016
Moisture (%) 5.70 ≤8.0 GB 5009.3-2016
THC(ppm) ND ND(LOD 4ppm) AFVAN-SLMF-0029
Heavy Metal      
Lead (mg/kg) <0.05 ≤0.2 ISO17294-2-2004
Arsenic (mg/kg) <0.02 ≤0.1 ISO17294-2-2004
Mercury (mg/kg) <0.005 ≤0.1 ISO13806:2002
Cadmium (mg/kg) 0.01 ≤0.1 ISO17294-2-2004
Total plate count(cfu/g) 8500 <100000 ISO4833-1:2013
Coliform (cfu/g) <10 <100 ISO4832:2006
E.coli(cfu/g) <10 <10 ISO16649-2:2001
Mold(cfu/g) <10 <1000 ISO21527:2008
Yeast(cfu/g) <10 <1000 ISO21527:2008
Salmonella Negative Negative in 25g ISO6579:2002
Pesticide  Not detected  Not detected Internal method,GC/MS

Internal method,LC-MS/MS

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