Natural Chili Extract Capsicum oleoresin 10% Water Soluble

Short Description:

Components: Capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin and nordihydrocapsaicin etc.

Source: use high quality chili as raw material and adopt scientific method through the extraction, separation, refining process.

Type: Capsicum oleoresin OS; Capsicum oleoresin WS; Decolor capsicum oleoresin OS, Decolor capsicum oleoresin WS, Capsicum oleoresin powder.

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Appearance: Oily liquid or powder, good fluidity and solubility.

Application: With pure and pungent flavor of chili, the product is widely used in pickling vegetables, pickling edible fungi and algae, dried beans, dried beans remanufactured products, new soybean products, cooking or fried aquatic products, compound seasonings, puffed food, etc.

Specification of Capsicum Oleoresin

O/S 0.5million shu-6million shu

Capsicum Oleoresin

W/S 0.5million shu-2million shu

Decolor Capsicum Oleoresin

0.6million shu-1.5million shu

Certificate Of Analysis


High Pugency Typical Chili Odor






 Dark Red Oily Liquid


Total Capsaicinoids %


 3.3 %

 Total Heavy Metal

 Below 10ppm


 Hexane Residual

 5 ppm Max

 1.3 ppm

 Total Solvent Residual

  50 ppm Max

 2.72 ppm

 Conclusion: Complies with GB 30616-2014

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