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Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is one of the B vitamins. It is slightly soluble in water and stable when heated in neutral or acidic solutions. It is a component of the flavase cofactor in the body. If it is lacking, it will affect the biological oxidation of the body and cause metabolic disorders. The lesions are mostly manifested as inflammation of the mouth, eyes and external genitalia, such as angular stomatitis, cheilitis, glossitis, conjunctivitis and scrotum inflammation. Therefore, this product is often used for  the prevention and treatment of the above diseases. The storage of  vitamin B2 in the body is very limited, and it needs to be supplemented by diet every day. The two properties of vitamin B2 are the main reasons  for its loss:

(1) It can be destroyed by light;

(2) It can be destroyed when heated in alkaline solution.

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1. Promote development and cell regeneration;

2. Promote the normal growth of skin, nails and hair;

3. To help prevent and eliminate inflammatory reactions in the mouth, lips, tongue and
skin, which are collectively referred to as oral reproductive syndrome;

4. Improve vision and reduce eye fatigue;

5. Affect the absorption of iron by human body;

6. It combines with other substances to affect biological oxidation and energy metabolism.

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